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A Day in the life of a Pretty Liza Banana

Take a virtual tour of one of our plantations. 

Let's take a trip back to 1996: Dolly the sheep was cloned, "Macarena" became a worldwide hit, the internet had only 100,000 websites and the first boxes of Pretty Liza bananas were on their way to St. Petersburg, Russia. This is where our journey began. Over 20 years later, billions of Pretty Liza bananas have travelled from the fertile lands of Machala, Ecuador to cities all over the world.

Now it's your turn to visit us.


Before your banana ends up on the shelves of your local supermarket, it braves a lengthy and manifold journey from tree to the hold of the ship that will carry it across the ocean.

Dive into the banana forests of Machala, Ecuador, home of Pretty Liza bananas, and experience the odyssey for yourself.

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    When you buy Pretty Liza, you're...  

Orense Centro Deportivo Palmar
Palmar Finca by @andreebull-51.jpg
Orense FC Palmar kids a healthy start in life.

...caring for those who nurture your bananas.

...making football fans live the dream.

Every year since 2009 hundreds of kids participate in youth sports programs run by Orense Sports Complex. The complex promotes educations through a variety of individual and team sports such as swimming, tennis and of course football.

Formando Campeones!

With our mission of addressing important social issues and inequalities in the El Oro province of Ecuador, we work relentlessly towards supporting our 3,000 employees through housing, schooling and professional training programs.

As the primary sponsors of Orense Sporting Club, we have together achieved the unthinkable and took El Oro football into the country's first tier division, "Serie A", just 10 years after the club was founded in Machala.

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Corporación Palmar

Machala - El Oro - Ecuador

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Have questions about the world of bananas? Pretty Liza is here to help.

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